What is a Digital Thesis?

Digital Thesis is a Great Leap in the Advance of Human Knowledge Digital thesis is the common word used for the programs initiated for the collection of research work done by academics, in digital form and making them accessible internationally. The initial idea for this was discussed as far back as in 1987. Many national […]

Writing a Media Thesis

Writing a Media Thesis Needs to Start with an Approved Proposal Taking the first step towards writing the media thesis can be very difficult and student may procrastinate this for a long time. But once the project is initiated and the proposals are submitted, the work can progress smoothly. This is true not only for […]

APA Thesis: What Is It Like?

Are You Having Problems Writing Your APA Thesis? A thesis presents the research work done by an undergraduate or graduate student in his area of study. It is mostly written in two common styles, the APA or the MLA styles. The APA thesis writing, the more widely used format, is known as the American Psychological […]

How To Write An Abstract Thesis

The Challenging Task of Writing An Abstract Thesis An abstract thesis is a brief summary of a graduate or an undergraduate thesis, which is a lengthy document based on comprehensive research. It is presented in the beginning of the thesis and provides the reader with an overview of the entire content of the thesis writing. […]

Raise the Caliber of Your Mathematics Thesis

Mathematics Thesis Needs to Incorporate Students write Mathematics thesis as Senior honors thesis, Master’s thesis or Doctoral thesis. Whatever the level at which the Mathematics thesis is written, it is quite a difficult task. Mathematics is normally considered as a difficult subject. But the students declaring honors in Mathematics or enrolling for Master’s and Doctoral […]

A Martin Luther Thesis Simplified

A Martin Luther Thesis Simplified Weeding through a Plethora of Information Students in theological studies or in universities with a theology subject or a religious slant tend to come face-to-face with theses requirements revolving around pillars of the faith. For Christian-related studies, Martin Luther is a favorite thesis topic. So what does a Martin Luther […]

Writing a Leadership Thesis

Presenting Insights from Well-known Leaders Leadership is a very common thesis subject. It spans degree requirements for business courses, law degrees, psychology classes, and even theology or religious studies. But with the plethora or examples especially in the business realm and in the political arena, how do you choose a subject for your leadership thesis? […]