Can you Manage Your Project Management Thesis?

Project Management Thesis should Cover a Very Specific Topic Within the Wide Scope of Project Management

Project Management Thesis is undertaken mostly by students following higher degree programs in Management and Business Administration. In any profession there exist requirements for people who are specialists with deep knowledge in one subject area. They are required to know everything on that subject. But for the completion of a project there should be a project manager who is a generalist and he/she is like the captain of a ship. He/she should have a good overall knowledge about every aspect of the project.

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Select a winning Topic for your Project Management Thesis

Managing a project needs multi disciplinary training. But any student writing a thesis in project management has to select a narrow topic from any subject area, but with respect to project management. For a doctoral thesis selection of a very narrow topic allowing a deep study is more suitable. Some examples of project management thesis ideas are given below:

• Evaluation and comparison of different project management software used in construction industry
• Human resource management for a project geographically spread in a large area
• Risks involved in using just in time techniques in projects with inadequate infrastructure
• The success factors of project management with multi cultural project participants

Collection of Primary Data for the Project Management Thesis

The type of project for the thesis depends entirely on student’s selection of topic and his/her approach. But if the thesis is based on a project that collects primary data the thesis is original and will have a high standard. For a project management thesis students will have to meet many project mangers and conduct interviews and visit many project sites and study various procedures used in project work. As the different projects are of diverse nature, if a comparison is involved in the study students should be careful not to generalize the results without very careful study.

Writing Style and Structure for a Project Management Thesis

Most theses are written in APA or MLA styles, the students can discuss with their supervisors unless the style is specified in the thesis guideline. They can get a few theses and use a good thesis as a sample thesis. The structure of the thesis is also an important component in the writing of a good thesis. Following is the structure widely used, but the student should get clearance on the structure of the thesis from the supervisor. For this he/she must prepare a thesis outline prior to seeking approval for the intended structure.

A standard thesis structure

• Covet page
• Title page
• Contents
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Literature review
• Methodology for research and data analysis
• Research and data
• Data analysis, interpretation
• Conclusion
• References

Getting Thesis Help in writing an Excellent Project Management Thesis

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