Is it Useful to Refer to an Online Thesis?

Online Thesis is a Boon to the Academic Community

Online Thesis is an easy way to find information and status of the knowledge on a particular subject area. Recently published theses will have up to date information of scholarly finding, concepts and theories as well as findings on the pertinent filed. With the widespread use of internet and the practice of archiving the theses and dissertations, online theses are now accessible to the academic community. This has increased research activities by academia, making the human knowledge base to grow exponentially. Following the success of building up of digital thesis libraries with new theses and dissertations, many universities have started converting their old collections of theses into digital formats and adding to the digital libraries.

Online Thesis is a Direct Outcome of Digital Thesis Projects

Digital thesis projects were initiated as far back as 1987 and active contributions from national and international organizations as well as the participating universities have built up digital libraries that have accumulated tens of thousands of theses and dissertations containing the academic and research work carried out by the students. With the addition of old theses going back to more than a century in some cases these digital libraries have become a priceless resource of human knowledge. Many of these libraries offer access to this knowledge base to academics free of charge or at a nominal membership fee. The service they provide is commonly known as Online Thesis.

Online Thesis has made Research Work very Easy

Gone are the days that students and academics had to walk miles in the maze of library racks filled with books covered with decades old dust searching for some thesis written on the subject of their interests. Now, thanks for the digital libraries offering online access to these digital thesis, they can find what they want even from libraries in far corners on the planet, accessed via the internet. Following are some of the libraries and services that offer thesis on line.

• Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
• National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
• Australasian Digital Theses Program
• MMU Digital Theses Online (Malaysia)

Using the Online Thesis to write an Excellent Thesis

With every step in the advance of technology, people have to change how they do things. Working with online thesis is far easier and faster than working with hard copies of theses. Before ordering and downloading a thesis students can check the contents of the thesis using the metadata provided by the author himself/herself. The metadata may provide an abstract or a complete summary of the thesis.
Students can use this data to formulate thesis ideas and thesis questions and writing a thesis statement. Before doing the detailed research, a thesis outline could also be written after referring to a number of well written thesis samples.

Is Professional Thesis Help Useless

A question worth raising is whether, Online Thesis would make professional thesis help useless or redundant? The answer is, “Not at all”. Availability of theses in digital form, increase the accessibility to more information. But the students may need thesis writing help to produce a high quality thesis that could make a worthy contribution to the knowledge base. They can get help from a good thesis writing company like The help is offered for all stage of writing a thesis including formulation of the proposal, creating a thesis statement, design the research methodology, conducting research, analyzing data, writing the thesis and editing and proofreading it. Students can also buy thesis that are custom written for them.

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