Tips and Guidelines on Obama’s Thesis

Obama’s Thesis at the Centre of a Controversy

The subject of Obama’s thesis became a controversial issue after a blog post criticized Obama’s stand on the constitution in his thesis titled “Aristocracy Reborn” written for his degree at Columbia University. The blog post stated that ten pages were made available to A Joe Klein and the whole criticism was based on the ten pages alleged to be from Obama’s Thesis. But later it transpired that no such thesis existed. Obama had not written any thesis but only a seminar paper to fulfill the requirement for the degree. That paper also was on a different subject and was not available for anybody to study or comment on.

Obama’s Paper on Nuclear Disarmament

Obama has written his seminar paper on the Nuclear disarmament talks in progress at the time with the Soviet Union. As all this happened during the Presidential Campaign these unsubstantiated allegations can be seen as an attempt to bring down the increasing popularity of Obama at the time. Though the alleged Obama’s thesis was seen as a hoax it gave rise on speculation on his seminar paper on disarmament.

Nuclear Disarmament talks on Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) were started in 1982 and the treaty (START I) was signed in 1991. Obama’s Paper on Nuclear Disarmament talks was written in 1983 at the time the talks were started after President Ronald Reagan proposed the treaty in 1982. After his inauguration as 44th president of USA Obama signed (START II) in 2010 as the replacement for the expired (START I).

The Information used for Writing a Thesis Must be Accurate

The students shall see the importance of accuracy of the information and data used in writing an important academic paper like a thesis or dissertation. Student writing a thesis or a dissertation should crosscheck the information he/she gets from obscure and unreliable sources. The effort should be to include all verified, well respected and most often, published sources, in order to enhance the quality of the work. When the students are required to write a thesis on Obama or his thesis work, they obviously should research and find reliable, reputable and credible sources.

A Doctoral Thesis on Obama’s Thesis

It is a sad thing that the alleged thesis “Aristocracy Reborn” does not exist. If it existed there is a chance for a student in Political Science to write even a Doctoral Thesis that is argumentative or analytical. Obama’s stand that drew criticism was that the constitution does not allow for economic freedom to people. This is a thought provoking argument and people can agree or disagree with that. That is why the alleged thesis became the focus of a controversy.

Writing a Thesis with Help

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