Writing a Persuasive Thesis

Persuasive Thesis is the Focal Point of any Persuasive Writing

Formulating a Persuasive thesis and writing a persuasive thesis statement is the first step in writing any persuasive paper. When writing any paper like an essay, business proposal or a project proposal intended for acceptance, the major goal is to gain approval or an action from the reader. Therefore, these papers need to be written persuasively. Persuasion is defined as inducing to undertake an action or embrace a point of view by means of argument, reason or entreaty. Therefore persuasive thesis has to take a strong stand on a topic and pave way to present arguments and evidences so as to persuade the reader to accept the thesis.

Develop a Strong Persuasive Thesis

Persuasion has to be done with reason and arguments. Generally, a persuasive thesis is argumentative. Building a strong persuasive thesis is dependent on finding a debatable issue on the selected topic and taking a stand on the issue. The student has to be satisfied that he/she can find enough arguments within the topic and be able to back it with accurate data, evidences and credible facts. Then only should the student start the writing of the thesis statement. Engaging in preliminary research before selecting the topic and writing a thesis statement is important. After writing a strong thesis statement, the next step is to develop a thesis outline. This will guide the student throughout the writing of the thesis, keeping key sections in perspective, without losing focus on the central idea.

Examples of Persuasive Thesis Statements

Here are some strong persuasive thesis statements that can guide you in your own topic selections:

• Compulsory military training is a must even during periods of peace ensuring readiness for facing aggression by any enemy.
• Licenses of drivers using mobile phones while driving must be cancelled to bring down the large number of accidents that happens due to use of phones while driving.
• Nuclear energy programs of all the countries should be stopped because the dangers that can be caused by natural disasters are beyond our control.

Persuasive Thesis shall present strong and valid Arguments

Any student writing a persuasive thesis shall collect valid strong arguments with accurate and credible data, verifiable information and the evidences from credible sources so that the reader can be convinced or persuaded to accept the strong stand taken in the thesis statement. In the above examples the thesis statements clearly and specifically state an action that has to be taken on a specific issue and gives a reason for doing so. But it is very brief and concise while being complete. The purpose of the thesis paper or the essay is to establish the argument and explain the reasons with supporting data, information and the evidences.

Never hesitate to get Help when Needed

It is a fact that any thesis written by a student can be greatly improved with a little professional help. Sometimes a student may lack in knowledge or experience in one area of the thesis writing process. For example a foreign student will find it difficult to use English language proficiently to express his marvelous ideas in a persuasive tone. Such students can benefit a lot from engaging a professional writer who can collaborate with them to improve the writing. As a lot of marks and sometimes the entire degree program is riding on the success or failure of a thesis, students should never hesitate to get thesis help when necessary. They can secure partial help for writing different parts of a thesis or buy thesis from a reputable professional thesis writing company like PhDify.com.

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